Eddie Lucitt

Eddie Lucitt is a 28 year old Security Professional based in Ventura County, California. Lucitt is also known for his work as a songwriter, producer, graphic designer, film editor, and social media specialist in the music and entertainment industry.

In 2013, Lucitt graduated from Calabasas High School's entertainment-oriented magnet program, The Academy of Media and Entertainment. During his studies, Lucitt won multiple film festival awards for Best Editing, Best Screenplay, and Best Sound Design for his respective works on short films, such as "Pinch Me, I'm Dreaming", and "Two Towns From Mexico". After graduating, Lucitt worked as an independent film editor, with his works being credited on the web series "The Breaks", a story-driven narrative created by Ivan Lovegreen, former personal assistant to Jerry Bruckheimer.

In 2014, Lucitt started his own Twitch account and began streaming speedruns such as Super Mario Sunshine, Animal Crossing, and Tony Hawk's Underground.

In 2016, Lucitt, otherwise known as "Fivves", was featured on the couch at SGDQ2016; performing a speedrun of Tony Hawk's Underground. The speedrun footage has over 300,000 views and raised thousands of dollars for the Doctors Without Borders charity foundation.

In 2019, Lucitt created the indie pop/rock group, The House On Fire, along with members Danna Hollis, Cameron Carlson, and Chase Lancaster. Lucitt was responsible for the song writing, full music production, distribution and promotion of all material created by the group. The group released 4 industry-ready singles: "Valley Song", "My Girl (Who Works For The State)", "Feels Like Treasure", and "Poison Ivy", all written, produced, mixed and mastered by Lucitt. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the band took a hiatus. During this time, members of the group moved and the band was no longer possible.

Lucitt is currently in the brainstorming stages of forming a new musical project. While creating this project, Lucitt aims to create something truly unique and different from the influenced-type work of his past. Stay tuned for future developments in 2023 and beyond.